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Here is a description of the quarantine process of the THREE SUNS CORAL suppliers and why the coral sold here is so healthy from my tank to yours and beyond.

At THREE SUNS CORAL, our suppliers complete a long process of dipping and quarantining before corals are released for retail.

It's sort of like taking only 1 or 2 pills of a 7-day antibiotic treatment.  Maybe you're better for a short time, but then ill again because the entire treatment was not completed.

Let me explain:  Corals are imported, chemi-clean dipped, cipro dipped for 48 hours so no harmful bacteria can get by, then for 7 days they are dosed with fatty acids and amino acids to strengthen their critical flesh.  48 hours after that, a 25% water change and new carbon filters to clear out any remaining excess treatment.  Micro bacteria is then reintroduced to replace any lost during cleaning.

As a customer, what that means for you, is that you are getting healthy coral, free from bacteria that harm the rest of your tank.

The 4 D's:  Dipping, Disinfecting, Dosing, and Destressing are why THREE SUNS CORAL offers a quality product. 


Thanks for reading and happy reefing!

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